Tutorial: Outlining fine hairs.



I know a  lot of people have trouble with oultlining the fine hairs on someone head. Im going to show you how I do it!

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what do you call the 3D effect on photoshop? (like your profile pic) and also where would I find textures like that?

here’s the tutorial for the 3D effect x

I AM NOT A ROBOT ― theme #01 by theirins

  • 500px posts
  • 4 custom links
  • sidebar image
  • show tags/don’t show tags option

live preview, code


PSD #08 by toxicpsds: dl

  • contains optional layer 
  • works well with most pictures
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Psd #6

  • Contains vibrance
  • Works better on bright scenes
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  • Download here


[Illustrate IT] [Social Logos TFB] [Social Logos]

Fifth font pack, holla. This one contains social media logos. Please message me if you’re having trouble with downloading these fonts.

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PSD#42 by RainbowColorings: DL

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  • contains an optional layer


disney gif psd (mediafire) we have been asked nicely by a few people about how we color our gifs, so we thought we could give you guys one simple psd that works on a lot of disney movies and only needs a few adjustments. enjoy and thank you for following us!

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A collection of 217 textures you can use for themes (or for icons!) of backgrounds I’ve saved up over the past year or so of roleplaying. They work, of course, for twitter as well. Let me know if you use them!


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